The 10 Commandments of Digital Exodus

by Trustiser

The 10 Commandments of Digital Exodus

A socio-cultural revolution, unprecedented in human history, is well underway, thanks to the acceleration of the exodus of human activities (trade, finance, education, entertainment, etc.) to the digital world.  It’s the Digital Exodus.

In this post, we would like to share with you what we think are the 10 commandments that govern the Digital Exodus.

  1. You should not steal others’ identities or use pseudonyms; you should instead reveal your real identity  in order to foster trust because trust is the foundation upon which human activities are based.
  2. You should not worship your digital ego, otherwise you will run the risk of being drowned in a narcissistic whirlpool.
  3. You should not say or write something that you are unable to justify, or at least put in context, the rest of your life because the digital world has a memory that lasts forever and remembers everything.
  4. You should not forget that you are outfitted with a virtual megaphone and that the opinions you express can be potentially heard by every person on the planet and, for better or for worse, ignite reactions.
  5. You should not overlook your digital reputation; you should strive to have the best reputation in every digital arena you go to.
  6. You should not ignore the wisdom of crowds and you should, at the same time, avoid the herd mentality.
  7. You should not be solitary; you should collaborate because collaboration is the essence of the digital world with countless participants involved in creating new knowledge and enhancing the intelligence of both individuals and groups.
  8. You should not hide your intellectual property, unless it represents a major breakthrough leading to revolutionary transformations; you should instead share your ideas, designs, and developments and let the digital world embrace and promote your creativity.  It is the best way to achieve whatever you are aiming for.
  9. You should not seek flash (immediate) monetization; you should instead contribute in an outstanding way to create a strong, competence-based reputation, gain recognition, and then capitalize on your reputation.
  10. You should not miss the revolving wave of the evanescent present so that your contributions to the digital world remain relevant to the dynamics of the “global brain”.

Rafik Hanibeche & Adel Amri (Trustiser Founders)