The Rise of the Digital Advisor

The Rise of the Digital Advisor

As the digital exodus is now well underway, a growing number of digital services offer the possibility to benefit from the reviews, opinions, and insights of knowledgeable people.  Indeed, all types of review sites (general-purpose review sites such as Yelp, specialized review sites such RateMDs, individual-oriented review sites like Dunwello, etc.) are more and more attracting reliable, insightful reviewers.  Those reviewers form an ever-strengthening community of digital advisors.  Their individual and collective knowledge and intelligence give the consumer a valuable, instantly available, continuously updated source of advice that covers virtually all topics.

Moreover, an increasing number of paid services, like JustAnswer, offer the possibility to submit online questions to advisors selected through a stringent vetting process.

In addition, digital genome sequencing, that is the ability to analyze and interpret digital footprints left by our daily activities in the digital world, will be increasingly used to detect, on a topic-basis, competent, reliable advisors.  Specialized services, such as Trustiser, will use digital genome sequencing techniques to offer the consumer the opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge and wisdom of those trusted advisors.

As a result of this major shift, the consumer intelligence is improving dramatically.  In other words, consumers now have the possibility to make informed critical or lifestyle-driven decisions, solve efficiently problems or discover otherwise unseen opportunities, in relation to a wide range of themes such as healthcare, home life, outdoor life, travel, financial services, and education.

Rafik Hanibeche & Adel Amri (Trustiser Founders)