The Dataobsessed or The Digital Reputation Obsession

The Datasexual or the Digital Reputation Obsession

One of the fascinating phenomena in the digital world is the dataobsessed, a person who is obsessed with his digital reputation.  The dataobsessed aims to embellish his social image in the digital world by investing time and effort in posting, on a regular basis, personal information to create an embellished personal narrative and make others think he is more successful than he really is.

The dataobsessed worships his digital ego, running the risk of being drowned in a narcissistic whirlpool.  He is committed to lifelogging and shares any item of personal information.  To that end, he monitors everything (his body, his surroundings, his friends and acquaintances, his presence in every physical and digital arena, etc.) and share row information and statistics to impress others.

The dataobsessed is an obsessive self-tracker and has an inclination to publish vanity metrics such as heart rate, weight, number of steps taken each day, number of followers on Twitter, number of friends on Facebook, number of followers on Instagram, number of followers and published articles on LinkedIn, etc..

Technologies like smart clothing and wearable computers will only amplify the dataobsessed phenomenon as they will usher in a new era in which ultra-connected dataobsesseds will have the possibility to share continuously information and statistics, for better or for worse.    

Rafik Hanibeche & Adel Amri (Trustiser Founders)